Meet Senior Golf Pro Tommy Bolt And More

Tommy Armour, published after he won the 1927 ...
Tommy Armour, published after he won the 1927 U.S. Open. Original caption read: "Tom Armour wins U.S. golf title by defeating Harry Cooper". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tommy bolt, also known as "Thunder" or "terrible" Tommy got his titles because he was on the Green just mood. Tommy was fifteen wins game Tour win one major championship again in 1958. Tommy born in 1918 and made it in the World Golf Hall of Fame and twice and was a member of the group "Ryder Cup". He spent his years Golf Senior PGA Golf Championship win, "elderly" in 1969, after which he became a key player in the creation of a "hero" tour "of the Organization". That was the mood through his clubs, but he knew the game. At the age of 80, bolt was still playing golf

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Smaller gene born in 1930 and became a pro golfer. Gene has twenty-nine tour wins with eight wins with the "network". In 1961, and earned one victory in the u.s. open. " Also took victory in the amateur in 1953. He was a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame, and the Walker Cup team, as well as eight teams in the Ryder Cup. " He was voted "player of the year in 1973. After taking a break from golf senior in 1972, gene came back and won in St. Louis. He has a great career in golf.

Carey midlikov was born in 1921 and died in 1998. Carrie was 40 wins and three tour victories. He was a member of the "Hall of Fame" fame sports in Tennessee, and in 1956 he won the title of verdun. Carrie large Golf MVP and was a dentist before joining the organization. He wrote a book entitled "golf swing", as well as doing some broadcast before his death. The stadium was known as the senior Pro slow paced.
Go Direct Golf :Harry Cooper was born in 1904 and died in 2000. Cooper said he took thirty-one round wins, but might not win the tournament major companies. In 1937, he won the title of verdun, and was a leader in money and win with the network. He was a member of the "Hall of Fame". Cooper went on to teach golf lessons in New York for twenty-six years. Then go to "country club Westchester" and continued teaching until he was ninety-three years old. This shows you that you can have top golfer for as long as you want.
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Ben Hogan was another great senior Golf Pro who was born in 1912 and died in 1997. Hogan was sixty-four tour wins and nine major championship WINS. Hogan was also a member of the "Hall of Fame golf world" and won the title of verdun in 1940 and 1948, 1941. Ben Hogan played his first tour event in 1932, won the purse money from 8.50 dollars. In 1927, Hogan turned Pro at age 17. Also Hogan golf clubs that bear his name and some of the best clubs that one can buy for many years.
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