Senior Golf Championships Recognized

LPGA's current logo, introduced in October 200...
LPGA's current logo, introduced in October 2007 - new logo - press release - 2007-10-03 - accessed 2011-07-16 - LPGA logo - accessed 2011-07-16 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are now five senior major Golf Championship played including the senior network, United States senior open and senior British open, senior players Championship traditions. The oldest Senior Championship is five "parliamentarians", which began in 1937, followed by the United States "open", "tradition" and top players in the 1980s. British recognized in 2003. Golf senior amateur and pros from around the world compete in these events to see who will come in, win the Championship, taking home the winnings.Go Direct Golf :Women or LPGA recognizes four annual Championships, which are "old Nabisco Kraft", American LPGA McDonald's by open Coco Cola, United States women's open and women's British Reco. In 1969, the first player from outside the United States to tour. Her name was Vivian Saunders of the United Kingdom. Today, there are participants from twenty-six different countries play the LPGA. Women's senior Golf Tour established in 2003, then became known as "legends". Women who are 45 years old or older to play the LPGA legend tour. This great event draws attention of media everywhere.

Go Direct Golf :Large playground not only to men, and many women compete professionally just as well as men. Whether you're an amateur or professional, does not have gender-specific stadium regarding who can Golf and who does not. Many women have come to prove that they can complete and ensure even the most difficult golf courses just like men. Some of the LPGA's top leaders won some pretty amazing portfolios, and has gone on to become professional golf senior players who also lessons for beginners and those who want to improve the game. In 2006, Lorena Ochoa won the player of the year from the Canada Cup vary while won "me Hua Sun" from Korea new recruiter of the year.

By 1994, most of the winners of the cup from the United States. From 1994 until today, most of the winners from other countries and this applies to the leading money winners, as well. Although at the end of the 2006 season, the career money winner third place ainkstir Julie with Carey Australia Web in 2 Anika Sorenstam of Sweden in the first place. Golf senior women is not as big as golf senior men, but it's fast become something greater than women are taking an interest in today and become successful.

Go Direct Golf :Because more women took an interest in golf and golf in General, you may see more women then that rapporteur have tournaments to date. LPGA and both events is high which is published millions watched on TV or in person when the event is played. Pros Golf senior women brought just as much revenue during tours, and can keep the public interest only, as well as tour of men do.
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