Three Popular Women Senior Golf Courses

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 3 golf clubs and ball at Wakasu Golf Links, Tokyo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For years, women were playing golf and golf senior pros prefer courses that are not as long as courses for men. They prefer courses that are "linked". There are three popular courses for women, although there are more than these three at the top of the list. Chisholm Trail and dunes wedionz and Royal links is the top three golf courses, which have shorter distances and is not difficult as the play men. Is one of women's golf to stay away from the wheezing. They don't feel this is of course friendly to play.
Go Direct Golf :Is "links" in Las Vegas Golf-friendly women. Of course, the shortest, if he can avoid the top women golfer fortified sand, can actually be a game scoring. Royal links is of course the walk, you will need a canister to help you along the way. Having every hole a different theme, while designed and modeled after golf courses of Ireland, Scotland and England. You will find on the eighteenth hole, do not water in Royal links, which is rare. This course is definitely friendly ladies senior golf.

Wedionz sand dunes of Oregon overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and has a wonderful view. And has acquired this golf course recognition for being the best links golf course in the United States. Of course the reputation of bounce and roll, such as women. There are, however, some winds you will have to play more of the game. Wide aisles make it easier to stay out of trouble. Course is also of course walk "Royal links", you will need a canister care for your equipment.
Go Direct Golf :Chisholm Trail gained popularity as MOM and pop to golf when a retired optometrist and used farm tractor to make the training session. Sand hills in Kansas is a hot spot for this golf course. Instead play many top golfers this course more than any other State. You will not see any water around the course, but you will see the dunes arcade firm and herbs that are native to Kansas. If you need some experience with a few shots and some rough grass, to play golf. Sometimes wind up to thirty-five miles per hour, but it is not uncommon to have consistent winds of about fifteen miles per hour.
Go Direct Golf :Other popular courses you can around for a good game of golf senior as everyone is different and your favorite path different from another person. Is the idea of complete playground to find courses that require a little creativity to play. This is how golfers preparing themselves for the hardest golf courses that play on the network and LPGA throughout the year. Sessions played pros are usually more or less groomed and aims to attract tour is televised on the national level.
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